FIT2CHANGE, Maryland
Mission: To reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity by bringing fitness and nutrition programs to at-risk and homeless children in Maryland.
Welcome To Fit2Change

Fit2Change, a nonprofit 501(c) organization, is committed to reversing the epidemic of childhood obesity by bringing fitness and nutrition programs to Maryland's at-risk and homeless children. We believe that every child, regardless of his or her social, economic, or environmental circumstances, deserves to live a healthy life and develop good nutrition and fitness habits.

Nearly 2,500 homeless children live in Maryland shelters and nearly 1/3 of them are overweight or obese1 Children within this vulnerable population are at increased risk of developing obesity-related conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Beyond serious health consequences, overweight or obese children likely experience social stigma that often result in developing a negative self-image. Without access to on-site volunteer nutrition and fitness programs, sheltered children develop poor or excessive eating habits and get inadequate amounts of physical activity 2.

Fit2Change is working to bring on-site fitness and nutrition programs to children living in shelters/transitional housing programs to prevent or combat obesity. Through participation in group fitness and healthy cooking classes, children can develop habits to improve their physical health and self-esteem, and reduce mental and emotional stress.

Fit2Change will partner with Maryland shelters/transitional housing programs and local, state, and federal programs to bring programs that restore a sense of health and well-being in at-risk and homeless children. Our programs integrate four key components:

  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Health Education
  • Self-Confidence

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Portion sizes have also exploded- they are now two to five times bigger than they were in years past. Beverage portions have grown as well- in the mid-1970s, the average sugar-sweetened beverage was 13.6 ounces compared today, kids think nothing of drinking 20 ounces of sugar-sweetened beverages at a time.